Product Sharing

MORE-T toothbrush can clean the interdental space effectively, especially good for those who lazy to floss.

- Dr Khoo, Dentist from Johor Bahru -

"Feel the difference, wonderful and clean. This is the most suitable to describe MORE-T toothbrush. Initially seeing this "toy toothbrush", this question came into my mind....What should I do with this cute toothbrush? For display?? As a toy for my kids?? Or a toothbrush for myself?? Finally I choose to brush with it. Woh!! Amazing!! Such a toy brush is giving me a very clean teeth and good feeling...It is so wonderful!....Now my family members are using them everyday. My 2 kids love to brush their teeth everyday after I introduced this T-shape toothbrush to them...You must try MORE-T T-shape toothbrush, if not you will regret in your life...Worth to try it as you will know how wonderful is MORE T T-shape toothbrush....."LET THE PRODUCT SPEAK BY ITSELF" as this is the best to describe the good and quality products...

- Ms Ling from Puchong -

Very addicting to use after I had tried! Now only I realized how to brush my teeth in a proper way. However, I already have a mouthful of tooth decay. Young people, if you want to protect your teeth, have to start from young!

- Ms Tan from Johor Bahru -

The very first time I used T-shape toothbrush, I really didn't get use to it, because I have to change the brushing method, but my friend encourage me to use it continuously to get the effectiveness. Out of my expectation, my teeth become very clean after used, too amazing! It is really unbelievable, why MORE-T toothbrush can give such a good effect, feeling different and super clean!

- Ms Chia from Klang -

T-shape toothbrush brought me many surprises; feel really awesome after used! Super clean! Before this, I used normal toothbrush, I simply brush my teeth either up and down and horizontally, I know it is not a correct method, but I have no other way, I did not take care and clean my teeth properly. I always worried that one day my teeth will have problem, but I do not like to go for check up in dental clinic, specially to do scaling, because the noise from the scaling tool is very annoying and disturbing, and yet deep down in my heart, I am afraid, and feel very pressured. After I come across T-shape toothbrush, I feel "Yes! This is it!" Feeling right for the toothbrush, it changes my interest in brushing teeth, and the feeling of afraid has been relieved. I am not worry anymore. This is because T-shape toothbrush enable myself to clean my teeth thoroughly, it brought to me a different feeling, let's "feel the difference".

- Mr Tan from Tampin -

I used to have two types of toothbrush at the same time, one is adult toothbrush, and another one is kid's toothbrush. I always get frustrated when the adult toothbrush cannot brush my rear teeth (the wisdom teeth) thoroughly. Therefore, I use kid's toothbrush to brush my wisdom teeth. After my cousin introduced T-shape toothbrush, I feel this is the correct toothbrush, because for it uses only way, up and down to brush teeth. Frankly speaking, I know how to brush my teeth in proper way, but I do not always practice it especially when I rush to work every morning, I just simply brush my teeth. I feel brushing in proper way with normal toothbrush takes longer time. After I had used T-shape toothbrush, it solve my problem. I do not need to use 2 types of toothbrush; T-shape toothbrush can clean my wisdom teeth thoroughly. Besides, it takes shorter time for me to brush my teeth, even I brush correctly. I am now addicted to use MORE-T toothbrush, it's so awesome!

- Ms Chan from Seremban -

I do not like to brush my teeth especially my gum, it will bleed and feel hurt every time I brush my gum, and it become very sensitive. Although I use toothpaste for sensitive teeth, it does not help my condition. My gum gets inflammatory, and I took antibiotic from the dental surgeon. It helps a little while, but the inflammation comes back when I stop taking medicine. One day, my wife bought me a T-shape toothbrush, I refuse to use, because I do not think the toothbrush would improve the situation. After persuaded by my love one, I feel it is no harm to have a try. The first time I used T- shape toothbrush, my gum is bleeding. I complained my wife that this is not a good toothbrush, because I am still having the problem. However, my wife confidently told me that this toothbrush is very good and effective; I need to have some patient to see the result. Then, I continuously use it for 2 weeks. Surprisingly, I do not bleed whenever I brush my teeth and my gum. My gum is no more inflammatory. I am happy and satisfy with MORE-T toothbrush. And all my family members are using it, they love it too!

- Mr Fong from Seremban -

I am surprise when my friend introduced me to use T-shape toothbrush. The first thing come across my mind is how to use this toothbrush. It definitely looks different from normal toothbrush. After her explanation, I get the whole picture, it is definitely a good toothbrush, even before I use it, I feel it that way. This is because I know brushing up and down is the proper way of doing it, and my dentist always teach me to use this method to brush my teeth. Besides, this toothbrush is emphasizing in the correct method, you won't use it in the wrong direction. After I used it, I feel fantastic; it is really a good toothbrush!

- Ms Lee from Seremban -