Company Philosophy
  • We serve the global market with its innovative, effective, and cost efficient T-shape toothbrush, and expand its business to international arena
  • We provide cleansing and excellent oral health care around the world to give all the people the change to smile with full confidence.
  • We advocate and educate the knowledge of oral health care to the public especially on children, in order to reduce the tooth decay index of worldwide population.
  • We have five words to describe the spirit of MORE-T, the things should come across in everything we do, for customers and everyone who works in the company.
  • By focusing on just five words we define ourselves.
This is what MORE-T stands for :

We inspire people with our momentum to develop the great products and services for all our customers. Be a highly effective and fast growing company.

Optimum Quality
We bring to the world of optimum quality products that anticipate and satisfy people's desires and needs.

To be responsible is a way of life. We create mutual and enduring value while being mindful and responsible to people and to the community.

Extra-ordinary defines us and hence differentiate us from our competitors. We have the courage to lead people to new technology and new invention. It ensures that we stay at the forefront and that our customers benefit from new and better ways of doing things.

Trustworthy is crucial for every successful relationship, this is true between our company and our customers and our employees. Good relationship is built in trust which inspires confidence, reliance and assurance.

Our Commitment

Our commitment to make positive difference in the world in four aspects in the following:

  • To improve people's health and living lifestyle by promoting more innovative healthy household products.

  • Community
  • Strive to offer the community knowledgeable programs and charitable activities.

  • Environment
  • To help to protect the environment by producing environmental-friendly products.

  • Economy
  • We are on a new journey of growth and building our brand to the worldwide; ultimately to become one of the most respected companies in the world.
  • Goals
    Our company starts to launch our first product, T-shape toothbrush in August, 2011. From then on, we will distribute our products to all shopping malls, hypermarkets, chain stores, pharmacies, dental clinics, and mini markets. We plan to grow and expand our business in Malaysia within one year. Thereafter, expanding business to Singapore is our next target.